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By making all of our products from scratch instead of buying them from a third-party manufacturer, we cut down on shipping time and emissions associated with transporting goods around the world. It’s a small step toward reversing climate change—but it’s one worth taking!

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      I chose the Vanessa Necklace because I loved the duality of it. I can put the pearls at the front or the chain, depending on the outfit, or even the lock! I'm a huge fan of versatility - it's kind of like you're getting 3 necklaces in one. Plus, the lock is like a screw, so it's much easier to put on.

      Vanessa Necklace


      My styling tip as cliche as it is is to always be authentic to you!! Follow your own trends, dress for your inner child, and dress to your mood ✨❤️ Your outfits and how you carry yourself are your first impression to make them illustrate your aura 💓

      Pete Necklace


      Layer your necklaces for a cool effortless look. I’ve been layering my Pete and Connie necklace with chunky silver chains and it makes my fit look 10xs better. Don’t be afraid to mix silver and gold either.

      Connie Necklace